Thursday, 9 January 2014

Golden Wonder Transform-a-Snack Cheese & Onion

I recently reviewed the fabulous Transform-a-Snacks in Spicy flavour. You can read about them and see photos of the excitingly transformed snacks here.

I enjoyed the Spicy Transform-a-Snacks so much I went into the local newsagent run by the amazingly cheerful man (which has recently been smartly refurbished) and bought these. Continuing my quest to transform my tastebuds. And in case you didn't realise, this crispy snack is a kit for creating a crispy vehicle.

The amazingly cheerful man said it was interesting that these crispy snacks appeal to all ages. Which he then amended to 18 year olds as well as children. How diplomatic of him!

This is an interesting take on cheese and onion. It's quite subtle and not too oniony.  And in fact, I felt that the onion tasted wonderfully caramelised so you get a hint of toffee. So it's actually quite a grown up taste on a snack aimed at (probably) small boys. Not very cheesy either, but then there doesn't seem to be any cheese in the list of ingredients. What there is, is turmeric. Unusual.

Not bad at all though. I enjoyed these.

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