Monday, 6 January 2014

Yorkshire Crisps Nowt On

I won these crisps in the work Christmas raffle - well... actually I swopped a bottle of red wine with Susan who actually won these.

Yorkshire Crisps are great. They really are brilliant traditional crisps and I've met them before but only at Chatsworth, Haddon Hall and Castle Howard. But that was before I started this blog so I can't write about that. I daresay I could find them in London if I looked in the right place, but so far I've not been successful.

So here I have a drum of "Convivial" Yorkshire Crisps. And the flavour is "Nowt On". For all you lot out there who don't speak Yorkshire (which includes me really as I've only been there twice but I've seen it on TV) this means that there's nothing added. And indeed there is nothing added. This drum of crisps has potatoes fried in sunflower oil. And that's it. Nothing else at all. So Nowt On.

And while they are great crisps with a great crunch and just the right amount of ..... well just the right amount of crispiness.... I cannot admire a crisp that tastes of nothing but crisp. In fact, I had to add salt.

I hope to find a flavoured Yorkshire Crisp so I can give it a tip top review. But this weird no flavour at all crisp is not to my taste.

There are no added anythings - no MSG, no artificial flavourings, no nothing. And these crisps contain no gluten, no nuts, no soya, eggs, nuts etc etc. And they are OK for coeliacs.

The potatoes are dug and turned into crisps within 10 minutes. Sounds pretty good. And it all happens at a place called Wales Bar between Sheffield and Rotherham.

And the drum tells me all about the white rose of Yorkshire, and how after the battle of Minden (I wonder is that where RAF Minden was based? Because if so... I've been there! although not for a very long time) on the 1st August 1759, Yorkshire soldiers picked white roses as a tribute to their fallen comrades. Since that time 1 August has been commemorated as Yorkshire Day. Well, that's exciting. To me 1st August is, of course, the Swiss National Holiday.

Lovely crisps. I just wish they tasted of something.


  1. Taste of nothing!!!! How dare you!. They taste of the gentle wind brushing the heathery skin of the divine and craggy face of Gods Own County. They taste of the rippling becks running down the moss-covered banks of the steep Yorkshire valleys. They taste of York Minster, Fountains Abbey, Flamborough Head and Bradford Town Hall. They taste of ..... home.

    1. Oh dear! and um... have you tried these crisps? (I wondered if you might have a comment).


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