Monday, 5 March 2018

O'Donnells of Tipperary Hand Cooked Crisps Ballymaloe Relish & Cheddar Cheese Flavour

A great surprise this week when Cliffs of Moher taste tester got a parcel from her mother in Ireland. Because as well as the expected contents, there was a packet of genuine Irish crisps for me and the reluctant taste testers to try, and a jar of Irish relish for Noble Friend. Well, that’s a very kind gesture from someone I have never met, and may never get to meet.

An especially kind gesture as this is a crisp probably not available in the UK, in fact a brand of crisp I had never heard of; and so would not have searched for. But what a treat! This is a great crisp.
What a tragedy it would have been never to have been made aware or this brand, because this is a really great potato crisp. Nice big crisps with a very good crunch, and a fabulous flavour. I had never tried Ballymaloe Relish before (unlike Noble Friend who loves it), but I thought it made a pretty great crisp flavour. The cheese element isn’t very noticeable but that does not detract from a really top flavour. Although it would be interesting to see what it would taste like sans cheddar.

I think all the reluctant taste testers enjoyed this Irish crisp very much. Except Tall Elegant taste tester who doesn’t much care for tomatoes.

And I would just love to try a plain salted version of this wonderful crisp because I think that's the ultimate test of a good crisp. But Cliffs of Moher taste tester tells me that the Irish don't really care for plain salt as a crisp flavour. Speaking (writing) as a person with a Scottish name but lots of Irish ancestry I find that very weird.

Nevermind. This is a fab crisp. Get yourself to Ireland and try it for yourself because I don't think you can get this crisp brand anywhere else. And well done Ed O'Donnell for deciding to diversify.
Read about O'Donnell's here.

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