Thursday, 15 March 2018

Bobby's Spirals Salt & Vinegar

As you can see the reluctant taste testers and I have been working our way through the Bobby's oeuvre and this is what came next.

Salt & Vinegar can be a really harsh flavour but not this time. Quite mild. Tall taste tester, while taking a spiral,  said the flavour was vinegar followed by vinegar, quite vinegary. I asked him if he liked vinegar? He didn't seem quite sure, but he took another spiral anyway. So not poisonous then.

No, no. The reluctant taste testers quite enjoyed this crispy snack; the texture is good and a spiral shape is always fun. The packet was finished by lunchtime. Yes, I know it's a small packet and that's about 4 hours. But we keep the bowl of crisps in the kitchen next to the coffee machine, so you have to get up from your desk to graze. I'm sure this must be a healthier option than crispy snacks al desko. I've never been a calorie counter (I come from an annoying slender family with small appetites) but I imagine that getting up from your desk and walking to the kitchen probably counteracts a couple of spiral-shaped snacks.

Anyway, not their top product (in our opinion) but another tasty snack from Bobby's.

You know, it's rather distressing. The local Post Office sells most of the Bobby's crispy snack selection except the one I am particularly keen to try: the Burger Bites. The cheeseburger flavour Burger Bites. How sad is that?

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