Monday, 12 March 2018

Casino Chips à l’Ancienne

Casino crisps are own-brand crisps and as such a lot of people; self-styled “crisp connoisseurs”, sneer at them dreadfully and refuse to give them credence as a “proper crisp”.

But that's a really blinkered attitude, and some of my absolute favourites are own brand crisps. So I'm not going to worry about that sort of nonsense.

This a l'ancienne flavour is basically an old fashioned style of crisp. Thin cut with a light crunch, and a simple salted flavour. What you might have expected in the 1960s perhaps. And honestly, none the worse for that.

The reluctant taste testers rather enjoyed this old fashioned crisp, but since the crisps are quite small and the packet quite large not all got eaten. Not for want of trying though, and Tech taste tester seemed quite keen to take the remainder of the packet to a good home. I hope Teaching taste tester (who is not accustomed to joining in the taste testing because, you know, she teaches and doesn’t work in our office) enjoyed this crisp.

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