Monday, 9 June 2014

M&S Summer of Flavour Lime Salsa Chickpea & Cumin Tortilla Scoops

"Scoop shaped tortillas, perfect for dipping" says the packet. Really? If this is a scoop shape perfect for dipping then I guess I've been getting the dipping-action (is that a word?) wrong all these years. And, er, maybe I don't know what scoop shaped means?

This isn't a good start is it?

This crispy crunchy snack is (oh no!) not made from potatoes (again!) but chickpea and maize flour. Well, OK, I can cope with that. And I'm guessing that the black bits are the cumin seeds. Which seem to come in lines so that each crisp comes with lines of black dashes (the seeds I suppose) and they look like one of those fabulous tie dye fabrics from West Africa. Interesting look for a crisp.

And then there's the wonderful flavour dust which covers each large oval crisp. Here we have an exotic and very tasty mix of fenugreek, coriander, turmeric, ginger, chilli, cumin, oregano, and lime. Along with onion and garlic of course, and the ubiquitous yeast extract. What do you get? An amazingly limey spicy crunchy crisp. And serious yum. It's a huge flavour.

Which is great except that these crisps are marketed as specially scooped so you can scoop up your tasty dip more easily. Well, there are two things here. One: they taste so good you don't really need a dip. And two: the scoop is all wrong. The scoop (if you can call it that, and doesn't that word look weird when you type it too often?) is totally in the wrong place for actual scooping. So completely not scoop shaped; more of a sort of curve.

And I've tried with my favourite M&S Sour Cream & Chive dip. It's wonderfully tasty because it's a terrific dip but the dip obscures the taste of the crisps and the crisps get in the way of the taste of the dip. Of course, it could be that another dip works better. But I'm not sure you want a dip  with such an amazing amount of flavour on your crisp.

Feel free to disagree with me.

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