Thursday, 19 June 2014

M&S Guilt Free Snacking Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks

To be honest I bought these to try because they came in a small packet. Because I didn't fancy them that much and wouldn't have wanted a large packet. So here's this 25g packet of wavy crunchy slightly faux-bacon-style crispy crunchy snacks.

The packet says (on the back) corn, wheat, rice and barley based snacks with honey barbecue seasoning. Another very complicated sounding recipe. I really prefer something simply made of slices of potato.

Still. Not too barbecue-y which in my book has got to be a good thing. A gentle sweet barbecue flavour (that'll be the honey then) and a gently sweet barbecue aroma when you open the packet. A good crunch - not too hard, not too soft - and plenty of tasty flavour dust. The wholegrain flavour is perhaps a little bit too strong but otherwise no complaints.

So not bad at all although it's not the kind of flavour I go mad for.

Allergy information: contains wheat, barley, oats, gluten. And Important: this product contains honey. Not suitable for children under 12 months. What? Oh my goodness! Yet another something that someone shouldn't eat because they are young, elderly, pregnant or suffering from some syndrome/disease or other.... I can't keep up. Of course this information is important but these days it seems that everyone has a something they cannot eat. Has this always been so? I mean, have we all been feeling rotten or, much worse, been dying from eating wheat or honey (or in my case fish and celery) for hundreds of years and no-one has done anything about it? I don't know the answer to this but I would be interested to learn.

Anyhow. Supposedly healthier for you than most barbecue snacks. Not bad.

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