Friday, 20 June 2014

Cofresh Cheese & Onion Flavour Potato Grills

It appears that a potato grill is one of these weird crispy things that looks like an armadillo. How they came to be called potato grills is anyone's guess. Or I could look online and see if anyone out there knows...

That wasn't very helpful! Number 9 on the list of 1,660,000 results was my entry on Cofresh's wonderful chilli lemon flavour potato grills. While gratifying (and quite surprising) this doesn't get me any further in my research.

I was discussing the chilli lemon flavour with the lovely newsagent down the road when I bought these. We agreed it is a great flavour crispy snack but sadly he was out of stock and so I bought these instead.

Not bad. But not madly exciting either. You can see they aren't a very interesting colour. There seems to be no evidence of frying or even baking which is a bit of a shame. The crunch is a bit dull too, perhaps not really crunchy enough. But the flavour, described on the packet as "mild", is very pleasant. A gentle cheese & onion, with quite a lot of flavour dust on the concave side (inside the curve). And very nice too.

Cofresh describe themselves as Britain's favourite Indian snacks. I wonder how Indian this flavour is?

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