Friday, 13 June 2014

M&S Full on Flavour Onion Rings

I think we can count these as a major success. Not wanting to eat an entire 30g packet myself I put most of these onion tasting (not made of onions) crunchy rings on a bowl in the kitchen. And the reluctant taste testers at work fell upon them as though a flock of gannets had descended upon the office. Gone in no time at all. Woosh! And several staff members looking suspiciously well-fed.

So after eating only a few myself, there were none to take home. Disaster! I was commissioned to rush (or rather potter through the hot June sunshine we've been having this week) back to M&S and purchase a further packet. Which I did because they are extremely good.

You don't actually get too many in each packet because the rings are quite big with a great big empty hole in the middle. I have to open my mouth quite wide to fit a whole ring in. Not all of them are circular; some are oval and others almost oblong but they're still quite big. I could of course take a bite. But where's the fun in that?

Lovely fried onion aroma when you open the packet, and a mild fried onion taste; a little bit sweet but onions contain more sugar than you think. Of course these aren't potato crisps at all but extruded potato yumminess made from potato starch, wheat flour, rye flour and potato flour. So quite a complicated process I should think. But they have a great bubbly crunch and, as you can see from the photograph, a nice golden colour.

I like the bright metallic green packaging too. Metallic green is sadly under-used. Although it does work well on some small cars. And beetles. I found this fabulous (but unknown species of) beetle on The photo was taken by a contributor called Burt but I don't know how to contact him to request this use. Sorry Burt. And it is a great photo so thank you Burt.

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