Saturday, 8 September 2018

U Tortillas Roll's Goût Fromage

Ah yes, sorry French crisp fans, this is a very good example of weird French punctuation. In English I imagine we would say Tortilla Rolls. Which is what we have here.

The reluctant taste testers have tried similar crispy snacks from Marks & Spencer in Maple Bacon
flavour, and also Cinnamon Sugar. But that was back in 2016.

I think the basic tortilla here is slightly thicker than in the M&S versions which were very brittle. This is more like an actual tortilla chip. And in fact there were several flat chips in the packet that had escaped the rolling procedure.

New Forest taste tester agreed with me that while a perfectly fine snack, this would probably benefit from a dip. She thought salsa or guacamole, I thought sour cream. But either would be tasty.

Managerial taste tester said he couldn’t make up his mind if he liked it or not; and had another just in case he did. And perhaps another.

As so often, I took a few home for the Chef to try and he seems to have been quite taken with these crispy rolls.

The packet says Tex Mex but I can’t vouch for the accuryof that claim.

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