Friday, 18 May 2018

M&S Paprika Hand Cooked Crisps

The Chef is particularly fond of some Paprika crisps from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel, so when I spotted this little packet of Paprika crisps from Marks & Spencer I could not resist. I thought he’d like to try.

And the Chef was keen. So keen in fact that he ate the whole packet before I was able to take a picture and commemorate these crisps for all eternity. I can of course go back to my local branch of M&S to buy another packet, in fact I think the Chef may kick up a fuss if I don’t, but somehow it’s not the same if I photograph a subsequent packet.

He tells me this is a very nice crisp and he really enjoyed it. I got one of the very last crisps not snacked up by the Chef. A very nice crunch I thought. And good taste too. And a totally different crisp from the Zweifel version.

I think I’ll be back at M&S soon. With any luck getting a couple of packets will stop the Chef being so grumpy. He’s not interested in the Royal Wedding, he doesn’t know anything about Yanny or Laurel meme, and he doesn’t care at all about the FA Cup Final. Oh dear.
Because I don't have a crisp shot here's the flower and bract of Davidia involucrata. I think they're just beautiful.

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