Friday, 11 May 2018

Lidl Snaktastic Sweet Popcorn

Finely sugared for a delicious taste says the blurb on this supersized packet of popcorn from Lidl.

Slightly Red Haired Bristolian brought this packet of popcorn into the office so that the reluctant taste testers could save her from eating the entire thing all by herself. She said she loved the gentle sweetness so much that she really could eat the lot. She also said that it was just exactly like cinema popcorn.

Now I am frightfully picky so I practically never go to the cinema for fear I won't enjoy the film, and if I do I almost never have popcorn. But if I do have popcorn I prefer the salty buttery kind so I can't tell if Slightly Red Haired Bristolian is right, but New Forest taste tester fully agrees with her. Er.. could the packaging design be some sort of clue?

This is a nice light sugary popcorn. I wouldn't say this was a super exciting popcorn but it is quite nice. Even Architectural taste tester; she who hardly ever comments, was quite impressed at the niceness.

It’s a pity I keep reading this as “snake-tastic” 🙂.

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