Monday, 20 February 2017

Seabrook Lattice Food Heroes Akbar's Chicken Jalfrezi

Seabrooks, from sunny Yorkshire, used to be a stalwart of perfectly produced simple flavour crisps( which they likely still make), but look! They have leaped with both feet into the complicated flavour market. And, it has to be said, with some success.

I confess I was dubious about chicken jalfrezi Lovingly made in Yorkshire as a flavour for crispy snacks, but never mind what I thought; just about everyone even including Managerial taste tester said they really liked these lovely lattice crisps. Managerial hardly ever hazards an opinion; mostly he doesn't even try. I think he's a chocolate biscuit man rather than a crispy snack fan and there' s no disgrace in that.

This crisp has a lovely lattice design, and a nice light crunch. Then there's the flavour. Quite hot and spicy. Not a curry fan myself, you probably guessed, I thought this flavour surprisingly true to the actual curry taste. And hurrah for that.  The reluctant taste testers liked these a lot.

Impressively the whole of the front of the packaging  peels away to allow you to stick a half eaten packet shut. I usually use a miniature bulldog clip if I can find one but this extra huge sticky seems like a good idea.

Apparently Akbar's was established 20 years ago and is a country-wide chain of restaurants and 2015 curry champions in the UK. Impressive. Once again, not a curry fan myself so I didn't know that but I guess they know their chicken jalfrezi.

Take a look at the packet though. It's weird. If you haven't noticed the great big peel-off sticky on the front there... you don't see it. I didn't. Now you see it, now you don't. Or vice versa.

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