Saturday, 11 February 2017

Tyrrell's Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper

What a great fireman photo! Perhaps spending the entire budget on gold helmets was a mistake it says on the packet. Of course the photo is black and white so the gold helmets have to be taken on trust. The packet is a lovely dark red too.

And here's an interesting hand cooked English crisp. With ingredients I don't actually like. No - I'm not mad for chilli and I actively dislike peppers. But I masochistically bought this packet of crisps anyway.

And you know what? Not bad.

Lovely crisps with the skin left on, nice crunch, slightly hot (but not very) chilli taste. As so often I tried these out on the reluctant taste testers at work and we quite liked them.

Bit of a surprise really.

The packet advised us to extinguish [the heat] with a glass of iced tea. But I don't think we really needed to. Vegan friendly. I'm afraid the packet got a bit scrumpled.
Senior taste tester bought himself a packet at lunchtime the other day and set out a bowlful. Tall Elegant taste tester likes Sweet Chilli as a flavour a lot; I don't really. But check out the fabulous new packaging! It really is gorgeous. 

So on account of the fab new packaging I am reposting this crisp from February 2015 (2 years ago.... my goodness, so long ago, who knew?)

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