Monday, 13 February 2017

Herr's Deep Dish Pizza Flavoured Cheese Curls

This was a very tiny packet of cheese curls from Herr's. Only 1 oz (28.4g). Which doesn't give you many snacks as these cheese curls are very big (and not at all curly).

Not at all curly but extremely tasty. I really liked these. Yum! A proper pizza taste which is quite unusual. Most allegedly pizza flavoured crispy snacks seem to taste mostly of oregano or some species of tomato sauce, and not in a good way. I really thought this was a genuine pizza taste. Although I cannot tell you that I can pick the old world flavour of traditional Chicago style deep dish pizza because I've never tried it. Definitely yum! though.

They are quite a bright orange, and Giraffe Fan missed out (not very many in this packet) because she thought they looked "too orange" to try. Can't think why. I'm sure she's tried orange snacks before. Bit of a mistake in my view.

I would definitely buy these again, and in a larger packet. Very very nice.

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