Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Golden Wonder Transform-a-Snack Spicy

Oh my goodness! Who knew you could get transformer style crisps and build your own vehicle from the crispy parts? Apparently not me.

Transform-a-Snack comes in Spicy, Cheese & Onion, Beef, Spicy BBQ, Pickled Onion and Flamin' Hot flavours. I've never seen them for sale (where would you sell such an amazing crispy snack? sadly, it seems, not around here) so I've got all this info from the Golden Wonder website. Slightly disappointed to find that the transformers are all the same. OK, this is obvious from a business point of view; to make different shapes for each flavour would be prohibitively expensive, but it is a shame you don't get to make a different vehicle in Spicy flavour from, say, Flamin' Hot.

This packet was part of my exciting birthday present from the Family Vegetarian and the Graffiti Artist. I gather that the Graffiti Artist is a big fan of Transform-a-Snacks so I look forward to trying them.

Here we have the two shapes. The body with front and rear axels, and the wheels. And here we have the vehicle created by me. How fun is this?

I'm not sure what Spicy Transform-a-Snacks actually taste of but (according to the packaging) "they're on another planet". Most of the flavouring listed on the packet appears to be garlic but there's more to the taste than that.
The colouring of paprika and nutmeg seem to contribute quite a bit. It's an interesting spicy mix. Quite unusual. And the crunch of corn and potato together is rather good. The texture of each piece is bubbly, with that good crunch, perhaps a little oily and with a dusting of crunchy bits.

"Bringing you the biggest flavours in the universe, Transform-a-Snacks are baked not fried for a crunch that's out of this world" says the packaging.  I'd be interested to see what the other flavours are like so I can "transform my taste buds". If I ever find a shop that sells them....

Weird but in a really good way. The Chef and I liked these and finished the packet enthusiastically.

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