Saturday, 7 December 2013

Llama's Sweet Chilli Whole Wheat Baked Bites

'Tis the season of the llama-shaped snack!

I was worried these would be like dog biscuits. Great big crunchy dog biscuits. But obviously I had to try a packet. Instead I find they are rather tasty little llama-shaped snacks. Yum. It's true, the smell is a little bit dog biscuit, but the taste is anything but. A mix of digestive biscuit (thinner but crunchier) with a hot chilli taste and a lot of sweetness. Each llama is very tiny and it's very easy to have another. And another. I'm quite surprised how much I like them. In the interests of scientific reporting I should say that Terry didn't seem to be mad keen. But I like them a lot.

Lucky thing I went to Tesco eh? I might be tempted to eat the whole packet....

From the smart red gussetted packaging:

  • No llamas were harmed in the making of these snacks.
  • One mammal's mission to rid the world of boring snacks.
  • What is it with you British and your boring snacks? (asks the llama) Where I come from our nibbles have some kahunas! Big flavours, big crunch, big attitude.
  • So hasta la vista 'ready salted', adios 'dry roasted', my delicious sweet chilli flavour baked bites are ready to rumble.
  • Now that's what I'm talking about!
  • Whole wheat oven-baked snack crackers so good I modelled them on me.
  • Chomp-on, oh people of good taste.
  • Get busy with the chilli!
Yes, OK, perhaps a little overkill on the cute llama-ness but never mind. I can cope and if you try these I expect you will too. However, these llamas are actually made in Canada for a British company based in Salford. Take a look at the website; the llama even writes a ridiculous blog. It's very silly. Read it here

Llamas pictured in the little silver dish my Granny brought from Argentina

For other animal snacks read about kangaroo-shaped Jumpys here.

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