Sunday, 1 December 2013

M&S Hand Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper

And another great crisp from the M&S Hand Cooked range.

Sometimes you don't need a fancy flavour to make a great crisp. Sometimes you just need a great crisp. And this is another great crisp from M&S. What is it with their crisp development department? They make so many great crisps.

Just your basic sea salt and black pepper flavour crisps but beautifully executed. Lovely crisps, good crunch, not too oily, good lot of flavour dust. Seriously, and it's kind of dull to say this, but what more can one say?

Good tasty crisps and highly recommended.

About five minutes ago - or more likely 10 or so years ago - when salt and pepper crisps leapt on to the market it seemed that every niche brand, every up-market crisp manufacturer had to have their own version. And they were good. Almost all the salt and pepper crisps I've tasted are good. And of course, being posh crisps (none of your rubbishy mass market nonsense here) they are sea salt (sometimes name brand salt) and black pepper (sometimes cracked sometimes not) crisps.

And it seemed perhaps that simple salted crisps were on the way out, had been superseded and might disappear altogether because they were too old fashioned.

But not so. Because simple salted crisps are here to stay, but sea salt and black pepper in all its various permutations is a whole nother flavour and also, it seems, here to stay.

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