Thursday, 28 February 2019

U Chips Ondulées Poulet Braisé

Another crisp we picked up from the nice little supermarket we discovered while on holiday in France.

Crinkle cut in the fine French fashion, this crisp has a lovely bite. Not a bad braised chicken flavour. I don't know why the French seem to have have braised chicken and the British have roast chicken but it does seem to be the case much of the time. I have had (actual) roast chicken several times in France (mostly much nicer than in the UK) , but at least one hotel we stay in regularly replaced the roast with a braised chicken. And I didn't like it as much so that was a shame.

This braised chicken flavour is pleasant. It's not the same as a roast chicken flavour (how do they do that? you wouldn't have thought it was possible to differentiate the flavour on a slice of fried potato). But I think I'd still prefer a roast chicken crisp. But see the previous post for a sensational grilled chicken flavour crisp. And once again we ask ourselves: how do they make them different?

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