Monday 25 February 2019

Vico Saveur Poulet Grillé

Oh what a fabulous crinkle cut crisp!

I bought a multi-pack of little 20g bags of Vico crisps at the supermarket in Reims, and this is one of them.

As ever, I was dubious about a meat flavour crisp but I was wrong. And again I was dubious about a chicken flavour crisp but there I was really wrong.

I've tried several chickeny crisps in pursuit of a really great one I remember from years ago. I tried both Walkers chicken flavours a couple of years ago: Simply Roast Chicken and Sensations Roasted Chicken & Thyme. And neither tasted quite right. Frankly the Simply Roast Chicken wasn't very nice at all, and the Sensations flavour is a bit herby.

I have also tried Bret's Poulet Braisé and Lay's Saveur Poulet Rôti. Neither of them nasty. Just not what my taste buds are remembering. Tech taste tester thinks I may be hankering after a Golden Wonder Roast Chicken crisp. I think maybe he's right.

Anyway, this crispy chicken flavour is just superb. Although I'm not convinced you can taste the grilled flavour rather than roast or braised chicken. And the tech taste tester, who is a big fan of meaty flavour crisps, absolutely agrees that this is indeed a top quality crisp. All the taste testers like this a lot, even the Chef who doesn't really care for crinkle cut.

And in a really contrary way... you know I'm always saying that I like to have the option of buying a small packet of crisps? Well, in this case I kind of wish the bag was bigger. Even though the multi-pack had two of this flavour somehow it wasn't quite enough.

I would definitely buy this flavour crisp again.
First published on 9 September 2015 
I think I will give these wonderful crisps another puff because they are very good.

The only person who doesn't like them is Managerial taste tester. Who knows why? Everyone else had forgotten we'd tried them before, and everyone else still liked them a lot. Which I feel is a very good recommendation.


  1. At first sight I though it said Velcro Crisps. Now there is a concept to for a horror movie.

  2. Don't be put off. This is a great crisp.