Thursday, 14 February 2019

Risi Buscalios Sabor Barbacoa / BBQ

Way back when we were still having summer holidays, way back in 2018, taste tester from the New Forest went to Spain on a family holiday, and I am pretty sure it was she who brought home this little packet of barbecue flavour snacks. Gluten free!

Not too strong a flavour, rather tasty corn snack. Not bad.

And interestingly, the packet is labelled in English, Spanish and Arabic. I wonder if you can buy this brand in Morocco? I think so, because my iPad just handily presented me with a Moroccan flag 🇲🇦.


  1. Hi georgina,
    Thanks for share with us.. I would recomend 'keripik pisang'. This is the most popular crispy snack at my country.

  2. Who has been able to sample the various products on this list and can be able to pick out the best one?