Thursday, 27 December 2018

Walkers Cheese & Cranberry

Here's another crisp from Walkers' Christmas multi-pack.

Cheese & Cranberry. Is that a thing? If it is, it's not a thing on my horizon so I will just carry on thinking it's a bit of a strange flavour for a crisp. Or an anything.

Hmmn... on the back of the packet it says here at Walkers we've developed a range of delicious festive flavours. What a treat! You've chosen the quintessential festive after-dinner treat. I haven't checked with a dictionary - actually I'm going to do that just now (see below).

So, not convinced that Walkers actually know what quintessential means. But anyhow the reluctant taste testers leaped right in and tried this slightly unusual flavour. And some of them weren't mad keen, but Slightly Red Haired Bristolian was very taken with this crisp. "I might have to buy some more," she said, even though she couldn't detect any cranberry.

I  couldn't detect any cranberry either, and I did think the taste was a bit sharp. I wasn't convinced by this flavour but I can introduce you to a fan.

  1. representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

    "he was the quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and self-contained"
    synonyms:typicalprototypicalstereotypicalarchetypalclassicmodelessentialstandardstockrepresentative, true to type, conventional;

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