Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Walkers Brussels Sprout

This winter, this Christmas season, Walkers have decided to enliven this crisp market with a Brussels sprout flavour crisp. Spotted in Sainsburys by Slightly Red Haired Bristolian, and kindly donated by her, this is one crisp in a Christmas multi-pack.

Oddly (quite successfully) green, these crisps smelled wonderfully sprouty. Well, wonderfully if you like sprouts. I'm never quite sure whether I like sprouts or not, but I think I am sure that sprout is not a good flavour for a crisp.

The reluctant taste testers who like sprouts were, I think, quite impressed at the sproutiness. But I'm not convinced they actually appreciated the flavour. Those who dislike sprouts would not, of course, go anywhere near them.

Interesting. And a clever marketing move.

Merry Christmas!
"I shouldn't expect them to be green," said the Family Vegetarian... but they are. And she was agreeably surprised at the aroma/taste. But what a disappointment: no actual sprouts in these crisps!

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