Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Organix Goodies Mini Cheese Crackers

This little packet of tiny cheese crackers comes from a Kids' Snack Box from Supplair UK Ltd. I got it on a EasyJet flight from Geneva to London Luton.

I have written before about how your taste buds don’t work so well at altitude. Frankly these little biscuits taste of very little in North London. I can’t imagine they taste any better on board the plane.

Also included in the Snack Box: a Kinder mini choc bar; an orange and apple oaty bar: a bag of strawberry yoghurt flakes from Fruit Bowl; an Andros Fruit Me Up Apple drink and a packet of coloured pencils.

Inside the box there are puzzles to keep your child busy, but disappointingly nothing to colour in except a join the dots duckling (no I didn’t join the dots - the answer was obvious) and there’s an annoying sticky label over the place to write in how many clouds you can count. Plus you need an adult to tear the box open carefully because it doesn’t come apart that readily. Snacking fun for young travellers says the box. I'm not too sure.

I understand that snacks for little children are bound have less salt than snacks aimed at me, but these cheese crackers are scarcely cheesy. I didn't find these very appetising (perhaps I crave the junk the packet promises isn't in this snack?) and I can't guess how a small child would react.

I notice that the larger of my local Waitrose branches sell Organix products but I don't think I'll be rushing out to try.

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