Thursday, 15 February 2018

Michel et Augustin Sablés Apéritif au Beaufort AOP et Pointe de Poivre

Another little crispy snack discovered in another French motorway service station and luckily when I had the choice of two different flavours from Michel et Augustin I chose the right one. Because we have already tried the Pitas au Romarin.

This is basically a little shortbread biscuit flavoured with Beaufort cheese. It's a delicate flavour but rather delicious, and the texture is very nice indeed. I thought this a very tasty snack and Guardian des Bisses taste tester who happened to come round agreed.

I noticed that you can buy these crispy snacks at Co-op City in Sion (in Switzerland) but then I read the website and discovered that you should be able to buy these crispy snacks in England, including quite close to where we live in North London. And in English this savoury snack is called  Mini Savoury Shortbreads Beaufort Cheese with a pinch of salt. I shall have to look out for them.

The website features all sorts of weirdness including how to graffiti a cow design with lichen and moss; which appears to be quite a thing on YouTube (who knew?), and fascinatingly you can move all the little articles around like one of those flat plastic puzzles we always got in our Christmas stockings. That's under the Random Acts of Kookiness section.

Croquez la vie!

Incidentally they also make cookies (biscuits) and, coming soon, mousses.

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