Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fonzies Gli Originali

On a second visit to the Italian deli hard by the Royal Free we failed to buy any pan forte, but found this little bag of cheesy crispy snacks. It didn't look a very exciting snack, but I bought it anyway because that's what I do.

These little corn based snacks are very like KP Nik Naks in shape and extremely cheesy, and I thought them rather dry. Dry maybe, but tasty nonetheless.

Thank goodness for Wikipedia which tells me that, as I thought, Fonzies are baked not fried, and can also be found in these other flavours; Time Out, Choco, Hot Passion, Bacon, Hot Chilli, "and others" unspecified. I wonder what flavour Time Out can be?

The fact that Fonzies are exactly the same as the much loved Aussie snack Twisties, caused much excitement on a forum for English expats living in Switzerland (I usually this site useful for information on curtain hooks which are mysteriously completely different in Switzerland from what we are used to in the UK). It seems there are more Australians living in Switzerland than you might think, and they are all thrilled to be able to buy Twisties in Europe.

Twisties seem to be a bit of a phenomenon. Available in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia, they come in numerous flavours some of which some of which sound a little bit mad. These are the flavours which have been available in Malaysia:
  • The Big Cheese
  • Yo! Chicken
  • Fizz - similar to Australia's Turns Your Tongue Blue! flavour, except with an effervescent effect
  • Duh! Tomato
  • Whoa! Spicy Garlic
  • Kaboom BBQ Curry"
  • Chilli Cheese
  • Lime Chilli
  • Sawadee Thai Sweet Chili
  • Super Starz - released as part of a 2012 promotion with Viacom promoting the MTV World Stage music festival in 2012
  • Honey BBQ Wings
  • Spicy Sausage
  • Double Kick - contains two flavours at once, released in 2010
  • Bolognese & Cheese Onion
  • Chicken Chorizo & Smokey Sausage
  • Peppery Jalapeno & Pickle
Coffee Bonanza - limited edition, currently discontinued
My packet of Fonzies tells me Se non ti lecchi le dita good solo a meta. Which means if you don't lick your fingers you only get half the pleasure. Of course that could in fact be said of many crispy snacks. A Twisties packet will tell you that life's pretty straight without Twisties. Not quite the same.

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