Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Walkers Squares Salt & Vinegar

What a great crisp! I really like these. Well done Walkers.

A lovely aroma of general crispiness together with a light and gentle salt & vinegar flavour make a wonderful crisp. Nice crunch too, not too hard; probably because they are made from potato granules and not slices of potato. Everything about these square crisps is just right.

There were very few breakages in this 27.5g packet although that does seem a slightly odd amount (it is 0.970033954 oz so that's no help) and only a few were curled up so what I got was mostly a bag of squares.

On the back of the packet Walkers say "Snacks with angles is where it's at, while the others sit in their packs all round and smooth, Squares are unashamedly different. Because they are the only crisps that let you bite off the corners, or build little crisp houses, before munching and crunching. Bet you can't do that with the round ones!"

Well, in the spirit of research I attempted to build a little crisp house. But failed. I tried really hard but I think I need something like cream cheese to act as mortar. But it would be kind of fun to build a little house.

As so often, Walkers have played with the design of the little guy who encourages you to throw your rubbish away; he is squarer than usual and is carefully throwing away a very pointy square packet.

Suitable for vegetarians, no artificial colours but they do contain MSG and sulphites. Slight irritation: the flavour is both salt & vinegar and salt'n'vinegar. Make your mind up guys.

Yum! These are just so good. 10/10.

This post is for friends who are searching for a really good low salt crisp. These may not qualify but they are delicious. And I've eaten the lot.

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