Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Amica Chips La Patatina Gusto Chipsburger

Honestly, how could I resist a "chipsburger" flavour crisp? You know the answer to that.

Let's start with the least obvious thing. The packaging is recyclable. Huzzah! And how unusual. Good for Amica Chips. But if you can't find anywhere to recycle, make sure you throw the packet away responsibly.

There's obviously an American influence going on here. The packaging has red and white strips and white stars on a blue ground. And the taste? Anything like an American burger?

Actually not bad. Not bad at all. I'll have another…

Perhaps it is an Italian thing for crisps to have quite a light taste. But I can definitely detect a sort of hamburgery taste here, complete with a little bit of mustard and some gherkin - you know, the bit nobody eats. The ingredient information is no help at at all. It just says "flavour to hamburger taste" in English which is a rotten translation of "aroma al gusto hamburger". The flavour could be made of anything. But let's be honest: I can't detect the taste of any chips. Of course this could be due to the fact that chipsburger is actually Italian for what we (the Brits I mean) call a burger, meaning, natch, a beef burger. Languages are weird aren't they, especially these days when sometimes words seem to be galloping out of control.

We are not told that these crisps are suitable for vegetarians so possibly the gusto hamburger actually has some sort of meaty ingredient.  The ingredients come in Italian, English, French and German and none of them is particularly forthcoming.

I think these are rather nice crisps. Smallish in size (especially compared to say, Tesco crisps and some M&S offerings, which as we know can be enormous), a light but good crunch and a pleasant taste. And that's what I think. Terry says they don't taste of much and he shouldn't have to concentrate on the flavour and he's not that impressed.

But hey! I am (apparently) a food writer these days and therefore I do concentrate on crisp flavours. Not bad. This is a 100g packet so you get quite a lot of crisps for your money - and sometimes a bit too many -  but I'd try them again if I were back in Italy and couldn't find anything else more exotic looking. Well, you never know do you?

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