Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lorenz Crunchips Green Onion

This 150g packet (really quite a large quantity of crisps) comes from the world food department in my local Tesco. These crisps are Polish and the flavour is "Zielona Cebulka" or green onion. Which I take to mean spring onion.

I bought them because I had never seen Polish crisps before and as regular readers will know I'll try anything once - even if it is only once. But I was a bit concerned that the flavour would be really quite harsh because spring onions have a very strong flavour.

But no. These crisps have quite a delicate onion flavour with a nice hint of caramelised onion too.

A reasonable size crisp (some very large) with quite a fine texture, and with a fair number of breakages in the bottom of the bag. Nice crunch and a nice golden crisp.

But what a gigantic bag! I suppose in Poland they may come in smaller bags. And I also suppose that Poles living in the UK may be so mad for these crisps they really feel the need of 150g of them.

The taste, as I said, is quite delicate. But just like real spring onions, the taste hangs around for a long long time. Not bad though.

I've had a look at the Lorenz Snack-World website. This is a German company although the website came up in English without asking me. They grow their own potatoes on land roughly the size of 7,000 football pitches! I don't know if "football pitch" is an internationally accepted standard for measuring (usually land) but it works pretty well in the UK. Obviously we start with "the size of a London bus" (as you do - but not for land), move up to football pitch, and then for larger areas we use "the size of Wales". Which presumably a German company would not think of.

Lorenz Snack-World seem to make a load  of different snacks including something called Monster Much which doesn't look anything like these UK style Monster Munch. And although I easily found a list of Crunchips flavours, green onion was not included.  But there is a fascinating flavour called "African Style"; I do wonder what that may mean?

The ingredients are in Polish, English, Russian (which starts with Картофел which has got to be Russian for potato because that looks like the German word for potato kartoffel to me), Kazakhstani (картоп) and Azeri (which says Kartof). Interesting.

I'm going to try these out on the reluctant taste testers at work. And they seem to be fairly popular.


  1. Crunchips Salt & Vinegar are really good... wish I could buy them in the UK.

    1. This is the only Crunchips flavour I have seen but I will look out for Salt & Vinegar.

  2. I understand this is quite an old post, but interestingly a google search for these African style chips brought me here. I am in Nairobi Kenya, and occasionally they will show up in the snack food isle. I don't know what is considered "Africa Style" but they are quite tasty, heavily spiced and absolutely brilliant. If you get a chance to try them they are quite like a BBQ crisp, only with a distinct spice. Could even be quite close to Indian food, regardless they are quite tasty!

    1. I hope you see my response Anonymous. And thanks for dropping by.
      I would love to try African style crisps. I work with someone who goes to Nairobi every so often so maybe I should convince her to trawl the local supermarkets and see what she can find.


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