Monday, 21 April 2014

M&S Reduced Fat Sour Cream & Chive

I tried these reduced fat crisps because they are from the same range as the fabulous Reduced Fat Buttered Baked Potato flavour crisps which you can read about here. But I'm not mad about them.

I never normally buy reduced fat items because I'm sure that reduced fat products are full of extra sugar and other goodness-knows-what. I'd much rather eat less of the full fat product. However, I was seduced by the exciting Buttered Baked Potato flavour which turned out to be wonderful (and really unusual) and then I noticed people in the office were eating this flavour.

So I thought I'd try it. Mmnn. Well, not so madly impressed to be honest.

These are crinkle cut crisps, quite a good size, not a bad crunch and nice little herby things (probably chives and parsley) strewn across the crisps. The taste is not nasty. Not at all. It's fine. It's just... I don't really know. The taste is fine. Not too much chive and as ever it's quite hard to detect the sour cream element, it's just the strangely greasy taste (or mouth feel - if that's a phrase) you tend to get with reduced fat products. I really don't like that too much.

Made with natural flavours, 30% less fat (than what exactly?), and suitable for vegetarians.

I can only suppose the picket fence packaging decoration, and the basket of grass (chives?) are supposed to make the product look more natural. But the bright green colour works well with the sour cream & chive flavour.

It's odd isn't it, and an oddity by no means confined to M&S products and I really do not want to be nasty about M&S who mostly produce brilliant crisps, that reduced fat foods often taste/feel greasier than full fat foods.

I don't want to be mean because the taste is fine. But the greasy mouth feel is not for me.

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  1. Interesting that the reduced fat feels greasy! I'm with you...I'd rather eat full fat and less of it than the fakey stuff.


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