Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zweifel Secrets Garden Style & Dried Tomatoes

Well, here's an odd one from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel!

We have an ordinary crisp, pretty good crunch, looks like your average crisp - so far so good - but the taste is weird. At least I think it's a weird taste. I took some into work for the reluctant taste testers to try and most of them seemed to be considerably more enthusiastic than me.

I left half a packet in the kitchen at work and almost all were eaten quite quickly. And I say almost all because I work in the sort of office where everyone is too polite to take the last sandwich or cake, and in this case, crisp.

I'm not sure that basil works very well in a crisp, or not in this crisp. And the dried tomato flavour is distinctly odd. And then there are the actual dried tomatoes. Yes, the dried tomatoey bits are indeed genuine (crunchy) dried tomatoes. Which I find very strange. I think the taste is a bit sour or perhaps a bit too much like an elderly salad which should have been eaten several days ago. I'm not sure what "garden style" is supposed to taste like but I'm guessing that "elderly salad" wasn't what Zweifel was aiming for!

Tall taste tester at work described these crisps rather floridly as "scrapings from an open grave" but having said that he was one of the chief grazers who kept dropping by the kitchen to have another crisp or two. Or possibly three...

The packaging features wood panelling (well, OK, an image of wood panelling) so I suppose Secrets are supposed to be quite a rural style of crisp. I see from the website they also come in Red & Black Pepper flavour, Dijon Mustard, and Garden Style & Dried Beetroot and the wood panelling on the beetroot flavour is a handsome dark red.

Suitable for vegetarians, lactose free, gluten free, and the potato variety is Lady Claire.

Verdict? Let's say interesting.

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