Saturday, 1 February 2014

KP The Real McCoy's Ridge Cut Flame Grilled Steak

I thought I'd try these because (a) they were recommended by the amazingly cheerful man who runs the local newsagent and (b) there was an empty packet sculling about on the floor of a friend's car so somebody obviously likes them. And?

Erm... perhaps not really for me. But why not?

Perhaps because these are MAN CRISPS. As thick as you like them and built with ridges deep enough to carry the maximum load of our unique full on flavours! The real McCoy's: accept no imitations. Can you tell I am quoting from the manly reddy brown packaging?

Oh boy. These really are man crisps. They even have an online pub! Oh yes, really really aimed at men. You can enter the pub here. And play darts! I didn't have a go - I really ought to be hoovering my bedroom or putting a wash on in a girly way. The whole time I was looking at the website there was a soundtrack of men chatting away in the background and someone chomping at crisps. Sigh.

Quite thick. Quite good size crisps. Quite crunchy. Not mad about the flavour to be honest. There is a little bit of steak going on but I didn't really like the flame grilled bit.

I tried a couple of crisps a month or so ago and thought them horrible. But to give them a second chance I sealed them up tightly and today I'm having another go. Still not wild about the flavour but the crisps are great and I'd like to try another flavour. Maybe Thai Sweet Chicken or Salted perhaps. Maybe those flavours would work out a little bit more girly (what am I saying?).

Unbelievably these flame grilled steak flavour crisps are suitable for vegetarians. Although I don't suppose any veggie would buy them on the off chance.

McCoys Crisps are made by KP Snacks (who make the fabulous Cheese Footballs), and they belong to United Biscuits. Once upon a time United Biscuits had an in house radio network which operated from 1970 to 1979. I was surprised it wasn't longer because when I used to listen to Capital Radio in the 70s it seemed quite half the DJs came from United Biscuits. These days they play independent local radio stations instead (says Wikipedia).


  1. "Man crisps" Is the suggestion somehow that because they are thick they have to be of the male gender? But forgetting all that, what did the KP stand for? I have a sneaking feeling that "Kenyons" features somewhere in there.

  2. Yes, it stands for Kenyon Produce. Started out as Kenyon & Son. I did actually answer this when you asked me last time but maybe you never saw that?

    I think Man Crisps are like Man Chocolate - as in the Yorkie Bar which I found so thick and chunky I needed a hammer and chisel to get through it. And was advertised as only to be sold to men. You should visit the online pub!


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