Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Snac! Cracker Mini Pizza

So here's a little packet of crispy snacky crackers which we found in the Co-op in Switzerland. but which mysteriously were made in France. Maybe I haven't been looking closely enough, I thought most Swiss crisps were made in Switzerland so I imagined most of the crispy snacks were too. But in this case, not so.

I'm sure we have tried pretty much this exact same snack in France. In fact, yes, we had some Crackers Gout Pizza from Carrefour. And the reluctant taste testers and I snacked enthusiastically on that version.

But this is not so good. Let's not complain too much though. If I hadn't tried the Carrefour version earlier this year I think I would likely have been quite happy with this crispy snack. The pizza taste is good. The crunch is fine. It's just the other snack is better.

But, you know, if you haven't got a local Carrefour, why not pop down to your local Co-op (in Switzerland) and grab a packet of Snac! Crackers?

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