Friday, 13 April 2018

Snatt's Mediterraner Snack Knoblauch und Petersilie

Don’t worry about the German name, this is a very tasty garlic and parsley crispy snack. But mysteriously made in Spain by Grefusa S.L.

I confess I wasn’t expecting these biscuitty snacks to be quite so large. Well... not large exactly but rather larger than your average crispy snack. And I think the reluctant taste testers were a little taken aback too. It took them a while to tuck in. But once they started they really enjoyed this mysteriously made in Spain snack.

Jam Maker taste tester was very enthusiastic (lucky thing she enjoyed this snack as she has left us forever to join a well-known London museum so no more crispy snacks for her), and Slightly Red Haired Bristolian loved it too. I agreed with her that it would likely be very nice with a dip but even without I thought it pretty tasty.

I was fascinated that on the packet this snack is described as bread with garlic and parsley. In five different languages. I suppose it is a sort of biscuitty version of garlic bread but I didn’t even think about breadiness until I read the packet. Quite a lot of tasty oil though, a bit like garlic bread; lots of finger licking yumminess.

I found this packet in the Co-op in Grimisuat in Switzerland. The Chef is still out there and I have suggested he seek out another packet.

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