Monday, 2 April 2018

Bobby's Burger Bites

Now, I was very anxious to try this crispy snack because the flavour is "classic cheeseburger". At least that's what the packet says. And Graffiti Artist taste tester who first recommended me to try Bobby's snacks, particularly spoke of this flavour.

So I asked the Bobby's website where my nearest stockist was and in no time at all I received an email giving me a list of shops. The nearest wasn't too far by car (which was lucky because it would have been 2 buses and a longish walk by public transport, maybe 3 buses).

Obviously any crispy snack that claims to be cheeseburger flavour arouses my interest.

The reluctant taste testers were excited to try another snack from Bobby's (me too). We've tried several of their crispy snacks and been impressed. So imagine our disappointment when we found these Burger Bites didn't have the fantastic texture and bite we were hoping for. And worse, they don't really taste of cheeseburgers. Oh yes, and they really don't look anything like the image on the packet.

I can't help wondering if I didn't obsess over cheeseburger flavour (see the name of this blog!), and if we hadn't been so super-impressed with previous Bobby's offerings, the reluctant taste testers and I might have been less disappointed.

If you spot a packet please do try them with an open mind.

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