Thursday, 11 January 2018

Tesco Finest Smoky Barbecue Pulled Pork Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

How times have changed. Back in September 2014 the reluctant taste testers and I tried a Pulled Pork crisp from Walkers which I described as "exotic"!
These days of course pulled pork is everywhere and may indeed have already passed its peak. Peak pulled pork? Who can say? Food fads zoom past so quickly these days I feel I hardly have time to keep up.

The trouble is, my poor mother was brought up in a household where rice was used in a pudding or not at all; pasta was viewed with deep suspicion (another pudding ingredient perhaps?) and bananas reserved for adults only. It's hard to escape such crippling conservatism but when we moved to North London we had access to an unlimited supply of proper salamis and other cold meats from a genuine Jewish deli. A lucky escape from the luminous orange salami sold by the butcher by the bus station in Southampton next to the sinister brawn and chitterlings. No other butcher in the city sold salami at all.

And so I got stuck in the glory of European food; never really felt the need to move on to Asian, or even American cuisine, and it does hold you back a bit if you don't eat fish or seafood.

So anyway, back to the pulled pork. Which now seems quite a normal flavour for a packet of crisps. Partly because in the last few years crisp flavours have got more and more complicated - or bonkers.

So what did the reluctant taste testers and I think? A good meaty aroma of barbecue, a good crunch, lots of flavour dust and the savoury taste of slow-cooked pulled pork basted in a smoky Southern-style barbecue sauce so says the packet. Quite a lot of flavour; really quite testy.

I don't think the flavour is really individual enough to stand out from lots of other meaty crisps but you might feel differently.


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