Friday, 5 January 2018

Bobby's Spirals Prawn Cocktail

Back in the summer the Graffiti Artist recommended Bobby's crisps to me.
Graffiti Artist tells me Bobby's are big in the North (he's a professional Mancunian so perhaps not in the real North) and top quality. I thought he might have forgotten he promised to parcel some up for my Christmas present, and it turns out I was right; but I wasn't certain of that when I saw some packets in the local Post Office (first time I've ever seen them) so I bought a couple to see what all the fuss was about.

Prawn Cocktail. And spirals. I love a spiral crispy snack so despite not being a mad keen prawn cocktail fan I bought these anyway.

They're twisted! says the vribant pink packaging and Big Name Snacks... they're class acts! Well, I hope I manage to track down some Snax or Beef Grills as shown on the back of this packet. They look interesting.

There is nothing fishy about this tasty crispy snack (a point in their favour thought Tall taste tester), more of a sort of vinegary tomato ketchup flavour. A little bit too much vinegar perhaps but I think most of the reluctant taste testers rather enjoyed this spirally snack.

Pretty good we thought.

One of the taste testers asked me who owns Bobby's?  Apparently Bobby's Foods plc of Bromsgrove. A proper British company then. Family owned perhaps?


  1. looks yummy :)
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    1. I hope you enjoy reading our thoughts on crispy snacks


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