Saturday, 2 September 2017

Zweifel Hof Laden Chips du Terroir mit Tomaten Schweizer Gartenkräutern & Alpensalz

OK, you know how you can really enjoy a load of books written by a particular author but you can't always remember the titles? And when the publisher brings one out with a completely different cover design you buy it in a fit of excitement only to find when you get it home that you have already read it? Yup. We've all done that.
So here's a packet of crisps from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel. It has a Swiss German name so it looks like a crisp we haven't seen before. Basically it's a crisp with a swiss herbs and alpine salt flavour. And crispy tomato slices.

I took the packet in to work for the reluctant taste tester to try. We thought the crisps taste of pasta sauce. Slightly Red-Haired Bristolian thought they reminder her of pasta pots (I never tried one of these so I can't comment but I think they are a pasta version of pot noodle). Quite nice but not enthusiastically received. And the slices of tomato are just plain weird.

The packet was sitting about for a while waiting for me to write the review and I suddenly thought... this seems vaguely familiar. So I looked in my handy archive, and found Zweifel Secrets. Which we tried way back in 2014. So perhaps not a surprise we didn't remember.

The packet comes with a Neue Rezeptur / Nouvelle Recette (new recipe) label, and of course is in German where the previous packet was in French English. Why English? That's not an official language of Switzerland. Yet.

So it looks as though we have a brand new crisp here. But we don't. This is  a new version of the recipe but Zweifel have kept the weirdest bit - the  weird crispy tomato slices.

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