Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dinafood Cheetoz Crunchy Snacks Cheese

Regular readers will have noticed I haven't had much to say recently. Unfortunately I haven't been very well and not fancying my food much. And if you don't fancy your food you can't taste test crispy snacks much less write about them.

But lucky for me I have escaped from the local hospital, albeit with piles of drugs to take forever,  and the reluctant taste testers have given me a lovely bunch of flowers and (of course) a mystery packet of crispy snacks. From Iran no less!  Apparently Noble Friend found them but I don't know where.

Noble Friend just rang me up and as it turns out she went to the local Persian shop specially to look for bonkers crisps for me. And this is what she found. How very kind.
I can't tell you much about this crispy snack because the packet blurb is in Arabic script and Russian. Neither of which I can read. Well, since I learned Greek I can read a bit of Russian, but I don't speak the language so that doesn't really help much. They are very crunchy, as advertised on the packet, but not very cheesy, and a little bit greasy tasting. But actually quite nice.

Now that's enough writing for today. I need  rest.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! You work with some sweet people!
    Hope you're enjoying a little holiday now and some rest!

    1. Yes I do. And I better thow some things in a suitcase so we can make for the Alps and Italy.


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