Saturday, 29 March 2014

Salty Dog Sweet Chilli Crisps

Salty Dog the hand cooked crisps that bite back! it says here.

Do they? Well, I don't know about the bite but these are pretty good crisps. I picked them up at Luton Airport (not much else to do other than shop for crisps and fob off men trying to give up their seats for me) at vast expense: £1.15 for 40g for goodness sake. Oh well, it is an airport.

Anyway, you may have read that I recently tried one of Mr Tesco's new offerings in the crisp department: Goat's Cheese and Sticky Chilli Jam. Which I felt were much too sweet. Ever hopeful I thought I'd try Salty Dog's sweet chilli offering. Not bad at all.

A little bit sweet but not too much so. Nice taste, nice smell when you open the packet. Not too big, not too small. A fair number of folded crisps but I'm not fussed about that. Good crunch. Quite a bit of jalapeño flavour going on and most of the crisps are a darker orange than your average crisp. Mmm. What a pity I can't try them on the reluctant taste testers at work but this test is being carried out in Switzerland and I don't think any of these crisps will be travelling home with me. 

I will be looking out for their other flavours, and they produce popcorn and nuts as well as crisps.

I very much like the packaging too. The little dog (a terrier called Ruby) features in three different poses on the packet and all over the website which, if you'd like to check it out, is And the colour combination of bright orange and shocking pink on silver works well with the chilli flavour. 

Salty Dog has been voted one of Britain's Cool Brands. You can buy mugs and the website advertises T shirts although as I write there don't seem to be any available. They also do car stickers and fridge magnets but I think you have to sell the crisps to qualify for these. 

We like these crisps. Woof! (as it says on the website).

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