Thursday, 9 October 2014

Zweifel Merranea Chips Pesto Verde

This is one of the very few offerings from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel that I haven't enjoyed very much: Merranea Chips con olio di oliva.

The back of the packet shows a Tuscan farmhouse (or perhaps it's in Umbria) surrounded by Italian cypress trees. In the foreground there's a pestle and mortar filled with hand made pesto. And on the front it says Italian Taste above an Italian flag. There's definitely an Italian thing going on here.

Well Italian they may be but I'm not too sure about the flavour which is said to be the irresistible taste of summer. Hmmn... parsley and basil with an 'exquisite touch' of olive oil. And very weirdly: coconut fat. There's cheese powder and garlic and other stuff too.

The reluctant taste testers at work were not very enthusiastic and neither was I. True, a bowl of these crisps did get eaten, but no-one was clamouring for seconds.

As usual with Zweifel, the crisps are thinner and finer than you would get from Walkers or Lay's. And usually I rather like that. But the taste (and smell) was kind of a stale version of pesto. So these crisps are not really very nice.

You might like them. We found them disappointing.

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