Friday, 3 October 2014

"Dirty" All Natural Potato Chips Gourmet Medley

So this little 1.5 oz (42.5g) bag of crisps was kindly donated by a dear friend (known to everyone who knows me as) Lynn from Buffalo. Even though she doesn't exactly live there any more. And they survived the trip in her suitcase pretty well.

And the crisps were super-kindly donated to her by the lovely lady (who I have never met and she's not met me) who runs Lodgical in Hamburg NY. Which was very thoughtful and generous of her.

I gather these crisps were sourced in the Adirondacks (forgive me if I've got this wrong), and the "Dirty" Potato Chips firm seems to be based in Gramercy, Louisiana; Oxnard, California; and Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.

"Dirty" potato chips are kettle cooked one batch at a time and use premium, all natural ingredients for a crunchier tastier chip says the packaging. We thank you for purchasing "Dirtys". The Chip Master.

The gourmet medley is made with a blend of white, blue, sweet and russet potatoes. Flavoured with nothing at all but sea salt and cooked in sunflower oil.

It's a selection of simple, lightly salted crisps, and the four different kinds of potato make for a really interesting bag of crisps. The different potatoes seem to give a different size crisp, and of course a different colour and taste too. Which makes this little bag just a bit different from most. I'm not trying them with a dip although I imagine that would work very well.

And why "Dirty"? They don't wash all the goodness of the potato slices. Which I suppose means they wash the earth off the potatoes, but not the starch off the sliced potatoes. Which gives a better flavour. Or so they say.

If you never eat anything but the fancier flavours of crisp these might seem a little dull. And goodness knows I try enough crazy flavours. But actually, these are rather good if you give them a chance. I think I might be in danger of eating too many. I keep thinking, mmn... I'm not sure about these.... and then I eat a couple more, try a different colour, and maybe another. So I guess they kind of creep up on you.

I've read about other "Dirty" products on but they don't seem to have tried this particular product. And you can check out the "Dirty" website here. I'd like to try another flavour.

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